Ray Harth


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Ray Harth co-founded the Sierra Consulting Group in 1994 to assist organizations in effectively analyzing their business objectives and implementing the most appropriate and cost-efficient technology solutions. On March 1, 2019, Ray rebranded the company as Heliox Group. As Heliox Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Ray oversees infrastructure management, general IT consulting, and technology integration services for a variety of clients. He has worked with corporations, non-profit organizations, and more than 70 Chicago Public Schools during his 25 year career in the IT industry. With a collaborative client-focused approach, Ray serves as a reliable resource for any other technology-related issues that may arise as the industry continues to change.

A native Chicagoan, Ray holds a bachelor’s degree from Brown University in Organizational Behavior and Management. Ray is active in the community and enjoys sharing his experience and the importance of education with elementary school students. Ray’s recreational activities include scuba diving, soccer, fishing, traveling, tennis, boating, reading, running, swimming, and water skiing.

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