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The Heliox Group is an IT consultancy where it is our mission to provide our customers with the highest level of service and expertise with regard to their technological needs.

Our specialized team is comprised of personable consultants with deep technical proficiency, diverse backgrounds, and an authentic desire to help our clients succeed.

Our clients are our partners; we care about providing solutions that not only help your organization run more effectively, but also support your mission, vision and goals.

We provide services in six areas:


Interactive dashboards that promote smart business strategy

Managed IT

Reliable, scalable network solutions


Cutting-edge, cloud-based camera technology


Drive student learning, engagement and teacher empowerment


Maximize productivity with less restrictions and greater mobility


Protect your network & organization against threats


Barb Thayer

“Ray and his team make very complicated IT problems and solutions easy to understand. In addition, having someone on-site to work through issues on a weekly basis has been really helpful.”

Barb Thayer, Executive Director
Candor Health Education

Cameron Smith

“The Heliox Group team effectively serves as the CTO and IT Department at Bennett Day School…It has been wonderful having Heliox Group as a partner!”

Cameron Smith, CEO and Co-founder
Bennett Day School

Chris Georgas

“Heliox Group has been an incredible business partner. They work with and guide our organization to successfully develop a technology infrastructure that continually takes our organization to the next level.”

Chris Georgas, Chief Operating Officer
The Kaleidoscope Group

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The Best App for Elementary Students: Seesaw

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