Edward Jaeger

Director of Business Intelligence

773.726.5909 office

Edward Jaeger has more than 15 years of experience with managing data, consulting in technology and designing systems for both schools and corporate businesses. He believes that cultivating a love and obsession with problems is how you solve problems and that you shouldn’t just solve the problems that are there, but find the unknown and go after the impossible ones. He loves helping others to better understand how to use technology effectively to achieve their goals–that is, he understand the most important part of any software is human application. With bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration as well as Design, Edward approaches problems creatively and pays attention to the function as well as aesthetic appeal of the tools organizations need to use everyday. Edward sees organization, communication, and follow-through as critical to every project.

While Edward hails from Germany, life has brought him around the world to Rome, Chicago, Tokyo, and back to Chicago, which he considers home. Edward is a husband as well as a father. He spends his free time enjoying swimming, biking, the outdoors and spending time with family.

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