Cloud Migration

Migrating to Cloud-based platforms and tools offers unparalleled benefits for productivity, workflow optimization, and cost savings.

Cloud-based platforms and tools streamline business workflows and functions, increasing efficiency and eliminating redundancies. Organizations migrating to the cloud can reduce costs for data storage and retrieval, software tools, internal communications, infrastructure/equipment management, and more.

Heliox assesses your organization’s current processes, functions, and workflows to understand the business environment and needs.

We then determine what should be migrated to the cloud and how it can be optimized. Our team will help you select a cloud platform that is secure, cost-effective, reliable, robust, scalable, and improves business efficiency. For more information, fill out the form on our Contact page and one of our team members will be in touch shortly.

Some cost-saving benefits of a cloud-based environment include:

  • Reduced (or possibly eliminated) costs for space to store physical files, dedicated on-site hardware, and staff to manage those devices
  • Reduced costs for data storage and retrieval using dedicated, off-site, constantly available data centers
  • Reduced equipment costs as information lives in the Cloud and can be accessed by a number of mobile, lightweight devices that only need stable network connections
  • Employees can be mobile, ensuring that productivity extends beyond the office desk.

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